About Us

About Us

The Glen Rock High School Athletic Hall of Fame was founded by the Boosters Club in 2008 as an adjunct to the 50th Anniversary celebration. Our hope is to pay a formidable tribute to those who have created a lasting legacy for Glen Rock in the world of high school sports. This is our gift to the students and coaches who sacrificed it all in the pursuit of athletic achievement.

Athletes become eligible for nomination ten years after graduation and active coaches are not eligible. Specific selection criteria have not been established by design. Instead we work to build a consensus based on the interpretation of a broad range of information received from reliable sources. Consideration is given to individual and team achievement, leadership, sportsmanship, longevity and embodiment of the school’s values. Advocacy is encouraged among the members of the committee and public input is appreciated.

The selection committee is re-formed through invitation for each induction class. It is comprised of knowledgeable and enthusiastic Glen Rock High School sports fans, many of whom have extensive tenure as coaches in our program. Their primary responsibilities are to be fair; to be respectful of the opinions of others on the committee; and to protect the integrity of the Hall of Fame by holding candidates to a high standard for admission.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Glen Rock High School Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize those individuals and teams who have made major contributions to the tradition of excellence, achievement and sportsmanship of the athletic program.


We gladly welcome nominations for induction into the Glen Rock High Athletic School Hall of Fame from students, alumni, parents, faculty and local residents.

Selection Committee for the Class of 2023

Erin Henry Butler

Bill Carbone

Harry Comiskey

Steve Franklin

Leah Jerome

Roy Lott

Lauren Miller McHale

Victor Quinn

Tom Scerbo

Paul White

Sara Wolman